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If you're going to have a trained fighter taken down by a single person in a sneak attack, there are some different ways you can go about that.  For example:

1. Have the attacker take them down too quickly for them to react.
2. Have them fight back against the attacker but lose. I, for one, will not complain if you have a character I like bested in a fight, especially when said character is just* a well-trained human in a world inhabited by super powerful aliens and metahumans. Even if the attacker is just a normal person, too, there's always someone better out there.
3. Have them be drugged or otherwise rendered unable to fight back by their attacker first and then taken down.

What you should not do is have someone sneak up on the character and start attacking without any indication of instantly over-powering/immobilizing them while the trained fighter and supposed protagonist of your fic just stands there and gets defeated. I mean, what was that?  Did he feel sorry for the villain?  Was he picking his spandex wedgie?  Did he decide that he's had enough heroing for the day, so screw that?  What did I just read?

*Ironic emphasis because we all know that the unpowered humans are frequently some of the most awesome characters in these sorts of universes, even if being "normal" does leave them
more vulnerable to some types of attack. Nightwing and Batman, anyone?

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