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According to DW:
The current policy is that although we provide tools for content makers to flag their content as NSFW or adult, we do not enforce these flags, so your community as a whole will not be marked as adult content unless you choose to do so.

Additionally, administrators of Dreamwidth communities can choose a higher warning setting for a post, so you will be able to enforce any rules about NSFW or adult content for your community without deleting a post.
I think that a happy medium will be to require posts that discuss sexually explicit material to have the "viewer discretion advised" (not "18+") rating, and for all explicit material to be put behind a cut that gives some indication of what you're getting into if you click it. I know that there is an issue with the flagged-content cuts over-writing the poster's own warnings, but if you're logged in and your settings are correct, it shouldn't appear at all.

I don't believe that discussions about representations of sex in fiction, even those that include quotes, are illegal or inappropriate for older teens. If it becomes an issue in the future, though, we'll have the option of going back to flag those posts, which we didn't have on LJ.

You can of course give your own posts a higher rating if you want.

About bannings:

If you were banned on the LJ community for breaking a rule like not deleting your posts, you'll be given a second chance here.

However, people who were banned for trollish behavior are still considered banned here, and will be removed if they are discovered to be posting.



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