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Dear Pacific Rim fandom:

Hermann is GERMAN. Does his name not ring a massive german bell? HERMANN GOTTLIEB, for fuck's sake.

I can't go on reading the story when they write "the British man". I know it's a small detail, but I really get mad at it.

And not in a million years he would be up for sex in the lab, I mean, there are guts there. Guts from 100m tall monsters. Not a turn-on, especially for him. Also, he has a physical disability, please take that into consideration before making him vigorously top on top of Newton, that would be a tad uncomfortable. (although I don't think the canon took that into consideration because of those fucking ladders). And Burn Gorman himself said Hermann is uncomfortable with touching, so surprise kissing or groping are a no-no (as I think it would be for anyone).

One more thing: Newton is not muscular. Not even a little. He has a pronounced belly, not toned abs. Hermann isn't either. But of course your sexy man on man smut has to have muscular and able-bodied guys.

Just please keep characters in character. It's the least you should do.
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You see, whenever I read stories, I always, always read the summary and the warnings. When I read the summary and warnings and all that jazz, I decide whether or not I want to read the story. Usually, even if I don't want to, I have to. One, because the site I go to to read stories(AO3, you guys know, you've been there or heard of it) has the summary, warnings and everything else you need to know about what you're reading is inside of the story, so you don't have to press the back button and read them. Two, because I don't want to read a story and see something I don't like when there was a clear warning about that particular thing. Sometimes I read stories with warnings in them, go down to the comments/reviews(Because I like doing so) and see someone complaining about the non-con/dub-con or incest/step-cest/pseudo-cest or the violence or whatever.

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 So apparently you just found out one version of a fandom has decided to make a character adopted and wanted to write about another character's reaction.  Fine.  You decided to put a spoiler warning into your summary.  Also would be fine if the alert didn't read "This is a character name devlopment.  This is a spoiler."  AFTER a summary that says character was not his fathers boy.  And you titled the fic "Adopted".

I can't decide if you're a dumb ass who wants to spoil everyone who scrolls down that AO3 catagory or just dumb.
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"I'm claiming AU so that no one can flame if I write characters wrong"

Umm, no. That's not how it works.
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Specific Anime Fandom:

I know that there's some disagreement about how to romanize certain characters' names, given that there are multiple valid spellings of them.  However, what I don't get is why the hell you keep taking this one character's perfectly normal, real, 4-letter name which is pretty congruent, as is, with those of the other cast members, albeit from a different culture than most of them, and turning it into an 8-letter monstrosity that, as far as I can tell, is neither a real name nor a real word in any language that is even tangentially connected to any of the real languages or cultures the series borrows from.  I wish you would stop.  It would be really, really nice, in fact, if you would stop.  Please.
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Dear fic writers:

I know FULL WELL that Djaq is 1) what was called Saracen in the show's ~historical timeline (which is really whacked because of the show writers' less than stellar historical
accuracy but that's a rant for a different place or my own journal) but is now probably ~best called Palestinian? and 2) a woman. You DON'T need to use 'the Saracen woman' or the 'Saracen outlaw' as alternative descriptions for her. Yes, I am well of aware of instances in canon where her nationality is THE MOST interesting thing about her (i.e. how the Sheriff and Gisborne call her 'Hood's pet Saracen a handful of times) BUT among the GANG and the villagers, that would NOT be the most interesting thing about her. Nor is her gender. Please remember that the gang treated her in ninety-nine point nine respects as one of the lads. Much even says it BEST (in Season 1, Episode 10 "Peace? Off!" for those parties who are interested): "Apart from being a GIRL, Djaq's one of the LADS." He COULD have said, "Apart from bring a SARACEN, Djaq's one of the lads." BUT HE DIDN'T ! WHICH MEANS YOU SHOULDN'T MAKE HER NATIONALITY THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ABOUT HER! What you CAN do is call her BY NAME OR BY A CANON DESCRIPTION (i.e. "Hood's Pet Saracen" when the viewpoint character is Gisborne or the Sheriff) when the point of view character is someone who knows her or even of her (i.e. Daniel and the other boys in 'Child Hood', Season 2 Episode 3), and call her 'exotic' when the viewpoint character doesn't know who she is. In fact THIS (the viewpoint character doesn't (yet) know who Djaq is) IS THE ONLY TIME WHEN CALLING HER 'the SARACEN WOMAN' is probably ACTUALLY APPROPRIATE AT ALL! And for the matter of Post-S2 finale fics, where the focus is on her and Will together as a couple in the Holy Land? The one who would stand out in a crowd is NO LONGER DJAQ, it is NOW WILL! Please bear that in mind. Sure, I don't mind people being mistrustful of her AT FIRST BECAUSE SHE IS a Saracen but THAT SHOULD NOT BE THE ONE AND ONLY REASON they mistrust her. Perhaps because they don't understand her medical knowledge or something related to that? Aside from Matilda and the midwives because men just didn't deliver babies back then, it SIMPLY WASN'T DONE (cue Jack and Gus from Disney's Cinderella dancing around and singing 'It simply isn't done, it simply isn't done' at this point), I believe the healing arts at this time in Europe (and for ages and ages afterwards) was mainly a male-dominated 'career' track? So They would, naturally, wonder how a WOMAN knows as much as she does about healing and medicine.

FUCK THE 'Djaq's most important character point is that she is a Saracen and from the Holy Land!' Thing! Just FUCK IT!

A pissed off reader/writer,
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I've seen this several times lately, which is why I have to rail on it a bit now, but it really isn't aimed at any one fandom or author, as I'm sure most of us can testify. 

Yes, I realize that not everything a character says is indicative of the writer's feelings.  I'd go so far as to say that most things they say aren't.  However, when you randomly have a character ranting about something that's almost completely removed from their daily existence but far more present in yours*, it does kind of seem like you're putting your thoughts in their mouths.  Also, derailing the story.  I know it's usually pretty petty and not a hugely offensive or anything, but it's still annoying. 

*I remember a Fullmetal Alchemist fic I once read, for example, where Edward Elric starts in on romance novel tropes for no adequately explained reason. 
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If you refer to a character as "the black agent" when NO ONE ELSE has been referred to by an epithet, I'm going to back the fuck away immediately.
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 I don't care how magical or shape-shifter'y og whatever your tigers are, tiger's don't purr. That's all.
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When there are typos in your author's notes, chapter title, and link to the fic (which is the first line or two of said fic), my hopes for the actual fic are going to be pretty damn low.

(Edited to add a word.)
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This happened a while ago, but it's been on my mind, and I'm still pissed off enough that I figured I needed to post about it and get it off my chest.

You know what's a real assholish thing to do? Write a bunch of (20+) Harry Potter drabbles, about half of which are crossovers with various other fandoms, post the lot as one big mulitchapter WIP on AO3, tag them with every single fandom you used, and spam those fandoms every time you update. Seriously. Not cool. I would be totally okay with just having the one (not even all that short) crossover posted by itself in the fandom I am most active in.

While I'm at it, let me mention that out of morbid curiosity I actually read most of those drabbles, even though my interest in Harry Potter is nonexistant, and holy goddamn motherfucking shit. Trigger warnings. Use them. I read fics with rape, child abuse/child prostitution, and father/son incest, just to name the more common triggers, and not a single one got a warning. The deathfic, however, that got a warning.

Thankfully a...tactful note got the author to remove all the other fandoms from the tags list, but the very fact that it happened still pisses me off. Not everybody likes or gives a shit about Harry Potter, and especially in a small fandom that doesn't get updates very frequently, no one wants to get their OMG new fic! hopes up only to have them immediately dashed on the rocks of WTF, this shit again?
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If you're going to have a trained fighter taken down by a single person in a sneak attack, there are some different ways you can go about that.  For example:

1. Have the attacker take them down too quickly for them to react.
2. Have them fight back against the attacker but lose. I, for one, will not complain if you have a character I like bested in a fight, especially when said character is just* a well-trained human in a world inhabited by super powerful aliens and metahumans. Even if the attacker is just a normal person, too, there's always someone better out there.
3. Have them be drugged or otherwise rendered unable to fight back by their attacker first and then taken down.

What you should not do is have someone sneak up on the character and start attacking without any indication of instantly over-powering/immobilizing them while the trained fighter and supposed protagonist of your fic just stands there and gets defeated. I mean, what was that?  Did he feel sorry for the villain?  Was he picking his spandex wedgie?  Did he decide that he's had enough heroing for the day, so screw that?  What did I just read?

*Ironic emphasis because we all know that the unpowered humans are frequently some of the most awesome characters in these sorts of universes, even if being "normal" does leave them
more vulnerable to some types of attack. Nightwing and Batman, anyone?

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Hey, author, you know what's really not a good substance to use as lube?

Gun oil.

You know who would know that?

Phil Coulson.

Your fic was otherwise great, but that made me cringe. And all through the sex scene, I kept thinking, "Gun oil!!! Gun oil in Clint's..." So, haste notwithstanding, maybe make the guys go for a healthier option next time?
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Seriously people, it's S H I E L D.

The rule of I before E except after C, or in weird cases such as when it sounds like "eye" (eg either, neither) still applies, even if it's in all caps. This is basic English language spelling.

Even if you don't want to believe me on that one, the acronym is for the following:

Enforcement, and

(Brought to you by far too many fics where the acronym for the bureau in question is spelled with the key vowels in the wrong order).
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I swear, Darcy Lewis' middle names must be "Mary" and "Sue".

That is all.

(This rant brought to you courtesy of a lot of Avengers Movie-verse fanfic, from various different authors, where Darcy Lewis gets to be a sorta-sidekick-in-training for just about everyone on the Avengers team, and apparently has the super-secret superpower of superhero wrangling. I keep meaning to watch the Thor movie just to find out whether her apparent ability to be a useful plot device under all circumstances is canon or not).
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Okay, author, I like stories that are cast full of gay. 

They're not my favourite thing, but I can sometimes enjoy stories about finding love in a conservative, homophobic, repressed environment, as well.  But when your story about your queer couple bravely coming out in the face of said conservative, homophobic, repressed environment is also cast full of gay, the environment itself loses all verisimilitude.   You have more than half a dozen queer couples in this story with nary a straight pairing or any act of straight affection stronger than hand-holding in sight!

Maybe next time just call it a gay high school AU soap opera and get on with it?
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So this is my first post here. I've been sitting on the Rue one for a while, but the other one is fairly new.

Cut for noncon talk )
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As I'm no doubt certain long-term readers of my various journals are well aware, I tend to be a bit fussy about word usage. I'm a big fan of the correct word in the correct place, as well as being somewhat intolerant (pronounced "shriekingly furious") about the wrong word being used in the wrong place. Mucking up "definite" and "defiant" because you pronounce "definite" with an "a" and therefore spell it the same way will certainly raise my blood pressure. Ditto using the words "taunt", "taut" and "taught" interchangeably (they aren't interchangeable - they're different words with different meanings). Don't get me started about "lose" and "loose".

This is part of why I feel that a good sized dictionary (and by "good sized", I mean "hardcover, and heavy enough to kill small crawling things") is an essential part of any writer's toolkit.

No, MS Word Spell-check and Grammar check is not a good substitute. Here's why:

list below the fold )

A good dictionary will give you all the information you need about the words you're using in your fiction writing. It's worth investing in one, and using it as a backup to the spell-check program in your word processor of choice. Because here's another thing about dictionaries: they're generally created by a committee of people who are interested in words and who have spent their lives being fascinated by words and the way words are used. Dictionaries are created by professional linguists, as opposed to the professional computer programmers and professional managers who create spell-check functions for word processors. I'm more inclined to trust a dictionary to be correct on matters of word choice and usage than a spell-check program - because a dictionary is more likely to have been edited by people who are interested in more than just the business end of town.

My personal preference is for the Concise Oxford Dictionary, because the bound copy I bought about five or so years back came with a version of the whole thing on disc, designed to be installed onto a computer. I use the PC version as a backup for the spell-check programs of whichever word processing package I'm using at the time - if the spell-checker picks something out as a possible misspelling, I'll check it against the dictionary. Most of the time, the difference is between UK and US English - I'll be spelling things with the extra "u" or similar, while the word processor tends to have problems with anyone not using US English like they say they're using in their computer settings (I use Commonwealth spellings and US keyboard settings because I'm from Australia - we use dollars and cents here as our default currency, and MS Windows doesn't come with a language setting for "English: Australian"). Rather than getting into a lengthy argument with my word processor, I just double-check things against the dictionary, and spend a certain amount of time telling spell-check that it's wrong.

[1] Oddly enough, there is an adjective meaning "made of or coloured silver" - it's "silvern". One for the poetically inclined in the FFVII fandom, and hopefully this will prevent me ever having to see "silveret(te)" again.

ETA: edited to add cut 0730h GMT+8 26 JUN 2012
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Today I was catching up on our mirror community on LJ, and the entry on hijacking other people's prompts on kink memes reminded me of one of my own continual grievances (especially since kink memes are really the only place I write fic and are my main source for some fandoms).

If someone makes a prompt and you find the general premise interesting, but don't like the pairing/specific kink/whatever, make your own damn prompt.  Don't hijack it with "X idea is great, but you should fill with Charles/David instead of Allan/Bruce."

I've seen it happen more than once, and, in fact, it's one of the things that drove me away from the kink meme in one of my old fandoms a couple years ago (My example up there?  Basically what happened to the prompt I wrote.  And the eventual filler complied.).  It's bad enough when random people come in and tack on additions to prompts that weren't theirs to start with, but if you're going to downright contradict the original prompt?  Not on at all. 
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 Dear fanauthor,

I love your story. It is glorious. I love the AU, I love your interpretation of the characters, I love the prose.

But. BUT.

Your chapters are too goddamn long [for me]. Six chapters containing a story currently clocking in at a little over 90,000 words equals more than 15,000 words a chapter. This is OK for the (very) occasional gigantic oneshot, but coddamn does it get tiring working my way through[ ]15k word chapters without being able to mark my place like I could if this was a meatspace hunk of reading material.

Chapters are your friends. They create a good stopping point. If there are too few of them, [some] readers will get bored and wander off. Okay, it's not like you're exactly in danger of running out of readers, but. But you could totally have more[, especially since anyone who does like really long chapters can hit AO3's 'entire work' button and not have to deal with the pesky 'next chapter' button at all]. Just... chapters. Shorten them. Please?

Advocate for the Society for Chapter Awareness

EDIT: And, in the truest tradition of dashing off rants in a minute or two, I made a couple sweeping generalizations and forgot aspace. Edits enclosed inside [STRONG square brackets].